Friday, October 3, 2014

Hocus Pocus Banner

Well, I can finally share pictures of a banner that I made for a ladies' event with a Hocus Pocus theme!  I waited until the event was over because a couple of my FB Friends were attending the party and I didn't want them to get a sneak peek LOL!

This banner was so much fun to put together.  For the base of each letter I used a paper piecing file from Little Scraps of Heaven Designs called "Banners Vol. 2". This file actually has four different shapes that can be used but I chose to use just three of them.  The one I didn't use is a Star shape.  Don't get me wrong, it's totally cute, but I just didn't think it went with this particular Hocus Pocus theme.

The banner was actually hung on a huge mirror so taking pictures of it was a little tricky.  

(click to view larger images)

The back base is made from black cardstock and then the inner base is made from a variety of Halloween papers that I had on hand.  To make the banner look more dimensional, I made some black Rosettes by cutting strips of black cardstock that measured 2.5" x 11.5" and then scored and folded them at every 1/2".  I then cut out some 3.5" orange circles and placed them on both sides of the rosette.  The letters were cut from a font I have on my computer called LD Frightmares on purple cardstock and shadowed in a bright lime green cardstock.  I also added some purple Stickles to the letters to give them an added punch, but mostly because I like sparkly letters LOL!

Black tulle held the whole banner together and I added some purple and green tulle on the ends.  I think this turned out pretty cool looking.  I got lots of compliments on the banner from the ladies and one of them actually loved it so much that she asked if she could use it for a party she was having.  Let's just say she now owns it and we both couldn't be happier.

Here are more detailed photos of each letter:

I hope you enjoyed looking at this project.  Here is a link to the Banners Vol. 2 cutting file on the Little Scraps of Heaven Designs website:

Enjoy your weekend!  Until next time...Happy Scrapping!


  1. Hey, what size are the base for the banner pieces???

  2. Susan -- I made the base pieces around 7x10. Basically I wanted to use 8.5 x 11 black cardstock so I sized the base pieces to fit the cardstock on the virtual mat in SCAL2. When I imported the svg file for the first banner base I used into SCAL (the file will have the Base and the Overlay), I clicked the Keep Proportions box and then kept counting how many clicks I did to increase the size until the BASE got to like close to 7x10 (can't remember how many clicks it was but like 15?? 20?? However many it took). Then I "Ungrouped" the image, Selected the Overlay, and clicked "Hide" and then cut out the base. I didn't "Ungroup" until after the size increase was done so as to keep the Overlay fitting the base. When it was time to cut out the Overlay part, I just did the reverse (Show All, then Hide for the base so just the Overlay was showing on my virtual mat). The reason I counted the clicks when increasing the size was so I could increase the remaining base shapes that many times as well. That way all the base shapes were relatively the same size. Sorry if this sounds confusing...but I hope it makes sense!