Wednesday, September 17, 2014

T-Rex Planet

A week and a half ago the T-Rex Planet Experience was at the Fairgrounds in Turlock and I was able to take my grandson, Ace, to go see it.  We didn't know what to expect but it turned out AMAZING!  Even though the whole exhibit  is family oriented and geared towards kids, I was afraid it might be too "babyish" but thankfully it wasn't.  In fact, Ace told me about 5 times that day "this is really a FUN day"!  Warmed my heart...

The first exhibit hall had all kinds of dinosaurs on display.  They were huge, they were animated, they were loud, and the lighting inside totally depicted what it would have probably been like to be living at that time.  It was also nice that in front of each dinosaur there was a lighted monument style information rock that told everything about that particular dinosaur.

The second exhibit hall had all sorts of activities for kids.  Ace had a great time in there, especially being able to ride a "real" dinosaur.  That was sooo cool!  It actually walked and kids could steer it to go straight, left, or right.  Animatronics at its best!  Oh, and we couldn't miss out on a photo of us actually being "chased" by dinosaurs!  Can you say Jurassic Park????  Run, Ace, Run!!!!!

So, of course, I took tons of pictures and here is my first scrapbook layout.

(click to view larger images)

Here's a closer look at the first page.

I designed my own title using the CK Rough Housing font.

And the second page...

This cute little peeking dinosaur is actually a hidden journaling tag!

All the paper piecings are from the Little Scraps of Heaven Designs Dino Land file.  There are a couple more pieces included in that collection and I'll be making them for another layout soon. Here's an easy link to this collection:

Thanks for looking!  Until next time...Happy Scrapping!


  1. I missed the hidden tag the first time looking at that idea! Loved the pic of Ace peeking thru the egg shell!!!

  2. Thanks Susan! I'll be making the remainder of that Dino Land collection to scrap some more pics from that day. Stay tuned!