Monday, September 22, 2014

If The Shoe Fits...

I thought I'd take a break from making layouts to work on a project I have been thinking about doing for a little while now.  I have an event coming up where we need some game prizes and I wanted to have something a little different in that area.  Hopefully the prize winners will like them (that is IF I don't decide to keep them for myself LOL)!  They are plate chargers that have vinyl designs applied to them that will be darling to have on display as part of anyone's Halloween decorations.  That's what I'm thinking anyway ... 

This first charger is decorated with the "Boots With Stars" file that I got from Little Scraps of Heaven Designs last year.

(Click to view larger image)

The boot was pretty easy to put together even with all the separate stars and layering two different colored vinyls.  I added three orange rhinestones to look like buttons were on the boot and then added the ribbon to make it look like the boot was laced up.  I came up with my own title and it was a little tricky to place around the edge of the charger.  To make sure the letters were the right size I first cut them out of regular black cardstock and placed them on the charger.  Doing this also helped to figure out the letter spacing. Once that was all confirmed, then I cut the title out in vinyl.  This probably sounds like a lot of work and time, but, in reality, it didn't take that long to put the whole thing together - plus it helps me use up some of my paper scraps!  Oh, and in case you were wondering, the charger and easel were purchased from Michaels a few weeks ago (loved the sale prices!) and I already had the two colors of vinyl in my stash.  If you're interested in the "Boot with Stars" file, you can find it on the Little Scraps of Heaven Designs website for $1.  Here's the link:

This next game prize charger was made using another awesome cutting file. The file is called "Trick or Treat Title" and it is from the Miss Kate Cuttables website.  I originally got this file last October as one of their daily Freebies but you can get it for the extremely reasonable price of 50 cents....YES, 50 cents!

Isn't this simple little charger just the cutest???  The graphic is all one piece which made it super easy to cut out.  It did take a little time to weed out all the tiny pieces from inside the web, but honestly it really wasn't that bad. I was so thankful to have my little handy dandy poker tools because they are just perfect for these types of jobs!  The end result is so worth the little extra time it took to do the weeding.  Here's a quick link to the "Trick or Treat Title" file:

I'm really liking how these "prizes" turned out, and I'm pretty sure I'll be making another one of each of these to add to my OWN Halloween decor!

Thanks for looking and, until next time ... Happy Scrapping!


  1. I am loving the Trick or Treat Charger! Wishing I had a Michael's here!!! You k now I'm gonna want to make these! Brilliant idea for a "winner gift"!

  2. Hi Debbie! so glad to have met you - I really look forward to more crafty times! Your chargers are wonderful - love them both. Your layouts - oh my goodness, amazing with so many wonderful details. I'll definitely be back to see more creative goodness as you share your fabulous talent.

  3. Aww, thanks Susan and Larelyn! Warms my heart that you both like my projects! Thanks for your wonderful comments. Oh, and Larelyn, Sylvia and I LOVED your class. You are so talented and your teaching style is very relaxing and informative. Did not feel frazzled or rushed or frustrated which was WONDERFUL! We will definitely be back for more. As soon as we can get Susan back to the US, I'm sure she'd join us for some as well :-) Take care!