Sunday, January 31, 2016

How To Make the CCD Heart Spinner Card

Hi everyone!  By now I'm hoping that you've seen all the new SPINNER CARDS by Cuddly Cute Designs.  If you haven't, you are missing out on some amazing new patterns!  There are TWELVE different styles of these cards so far, and I'm sure there's something there for everyone!

Here are three of the SPINNER CARDS that I have made so far:

Heart Spinner Card
(click to view larger images)

Frog Spinner Card

Cupid Bear Spinner Card

The ‘spinners’ can be paper pieced OR made with Print & Cut by using the included PNGs with each Spinner Card pattern.  My Heart and Frog pieces were paper pieced and my Cupid Bear was made by using the Print & Cut function on my cutting machine.

Although these are pretty simple to cut out and assemble, I thought I'd share how I put together the Hearts Spinner Card.

The most important piece of advice I can share with you is to MAKE YOUR SPINNER PIECE FIRST!  I got so caught up and excited when I was making my first Spinner Card at how cute it was turning out that I completely forgot to glue my elastic cording to the spinner base and ended up having to take it apart -- aauugghhh!!!  Not fun!  So take my pearls of wisdom and make your spinner piece first and save yourself some frustration LOL!

So here goes:

My pieces are shown here all inked up.  I like to keep my loose pieces on my cutting mat so I don't lose any of them while assembling.

Parts are assembled and now I'm ready to put the entire card together.

I started by placing a glue strip down the center of my base front.  Next I placed the elastic cording on top of the glue strip to hold it in place. **IMPORTANT: Leave enough extra cording at the top and bottom to adhere later to your card.**  I used the elastic cording that you make jewelry with but you can also use thread, fishing line, etc.  I just happened to have some of the cording in my stash. 

Next I glued the four hearts on top of the spinner base and over the elastic cording.  Notice that there is plenty of cording on each end to adhere to my card in the next step.

I then placed the Spinner piece in the middle of the card base opening and glued it in place.  Although it doesn't show in my photo, in addition to my dot runner I also added a Glue Dot.  Probably overkill, but I wanted to make sure it stayed in place. 

The card front was then placed onto the card base and glued together.  Since I wanted just a tiny bit of my black card base to show and look like a border on the card front, I trimmed 1/16" off each of the four sides of my patterned paper.  Just a personal preference for this particular card.

After the card front was glued to the base, I simply snipped off the exposed elastic cording from the top and bottom.

This is a look at the back of the Spinner piece.

Now it was time to add the rest of the paper embellishments.

Lastly, I glued a piece of matching ivory cardstock to the inside of my card for my sentiment and Voila! my beautiful new Heart Spinner Card was complete! 

I hope you love these new SPINNER CARDS as much as I do and that this Step-By-Step was helpful.  You can also see my three Spinner Cards "in action" by viewing this Spinner Cards Video

Thanks for stopping by!  Until next time ... Happy Scrapping!

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