Friday, April 25, 2014

Still Undecided

I have the $25 gift certificate I won to spend at Peachy Keen Stamps and, after spending a couple days "shopping" on their website, I was still totally undecided what to get. I had not ever been on their website before and found that they have a lot of really cute stamps and a ton of different styled face stamps to suit just about anything you could ever want a face on.  One of their face stamps is called Baby Animal Faces and is made to go with the New Arrival Cricut cartridge, so that looked promising (maybe owning this stamp would get me to bust out that cartridge and actually use it)!  This particular stamp comes in different sizes; one for characters cut at 3", 4", or 5".  It was hard to visualize which stamp size would work best for me, so I thought there was only one way to figure that out... grab the cartridge and cut out the animals that match the stamp faces! Here are the 3" and 4" size sample cuts I made:

Click to view larger image

To start with, I was pretty amazed at what seemed to be a huge difference between the characters cut at 3" and the ones cut at 4".  I placed them on a 12x12 sheet of scrapbook paper to get a better idea of their size and to think about how I might actually use them.  Even though I do tend to lean towards larger diecuts (which in this case I think would look best on a card), I believe the smaller 3" size might be just the ticket for me.  I know, I know, I could always get both sizes but what's the fun in that LOL!  Think I'll get the 3" set, try it, and then decide if I need the larger one also.  Oh, just in case you might be wondering about the one little giraffe and green frog in the picture, they were both cut at 4"! BIG difference between the giraffe and all the other 4" cuts don't you think?

Well I guess my decision is made.  I will add the Baby Animal Faces 3" to my shopping cart along with the other items I couldn't live without and call it good!  Here's a link to Peachy Keen Stamps in case anyone is interested in checking them out:

The Baby Animal Faces are listed under Stamps, then click on Faces.

As I mentioned above, Peachy Keen Stamps has some really adorable stamps. Something else they offer on their website is a really good selection of their very own svg files that go with quite a few of their stamps. By cutting out their svg on your electronic cutting machine (I have the Eclips) and then stamping the image on the cut-out, that saves you from stamping and then hand-cutting around the image. How cool is that???

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