Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cute Bunny Hat Box

Well, it's almost Easter and I was really hoping to have my mantel decorated by the beginning of the month with a bunch of cute little projects I was going to make from my ever growing stash of SVG files.  Sadly I only got around to making one, but it turned out so stinkin' cute (if I say so myself)! So here it is, my one and only handmade Easter project.   It's from My Scrap Chick and is called Bunny Hat Box.

Here's the link:

(click on image for larger view)

(click on image for larger view)

This may look like a tricky little project, but it was actually pretty easy.  I have to admit that when I printed off the pdf pages provided in the file that I had a momentary panic attack because there aren't any detailed assembly instructions.  But after taking a deep breath, eating a piece of chocolate and really looking at the pdf drawings, it was pretty self-explanatory. Very quickly I was pulling out papers, turned my Eclips and laptop on, and was "going to town" (as my grandma used to say) with the paper pieces, adhesive, pens, chalks, and my clear Wink of Stella brush (a new fav!).  Because I was over-thinking, which tends to make things seem harder than they really are, it took me about an hour to put this little guy together. Now that I have "experience", the next one should only take a half hour at the most.

I had entertained the idea of making seven of these -- one for each grandkid and putting See's Suckers in them -- but then did a reality check and reminded myself Easter is just three days away and not to stress over it.  If it happens, it happens.  If not, they'll still have fun with our usual Easter Egg Hunt and the little prize baskets.

So there you have it, my one and only handmade Easter decoration. In case you're wondering, he (she???) stands just under 8" tall.  


  1. Yes Debbie, it IS so stink' cute indeed! Thanks for the inspiration...I too have all of the materials sooooo just need to "get off the stick" (as MY grandmother used to say) and "do it"! I'm am wondering if you could include the LINKS/hyper links used next time...just to save me the trouble...I don't even know how to add them to a blog but figure you do??? LOVE this project, thanks for posting!

  2. Here you go Susan! Happy to help out :-)