Sunday, August 31, 2014

What A Mess!

It's always amazing to me how I think I am so organized in My Scrapbook Garden, but when I actually work on a project or two or three like I did this weekend, I can't find everything I need for that particular layout.  Most of my stash is put away so nicely in its own little container, but it's a never ending battle to find that perfect "storing" and "using" balance. I mean, seriously, how hard is it to make everything organized, accessible AND workable in real life???  Apparently I haven't completely figured that out yet, but I'm getting closer!  Every project offers a new adventure and learning experience in what works and what doesn't work.

So I was working on one scrapbooking project and decided mid-stream to jump right into a different one.  Next thing you know I've pulled out several plastic paper cases looking for just the "right" papers to use (mine are all sorted by theme), paper piecing tools are scattered everywhere, bling containers are all dumped out because I just know there's a package of orange rhinestones in there somewhere, chalks and punches are cluttering up the window sill, counter top is sticky from adhesive because I've buried not one, but two of my crafting mats underneath all those paper scraps, I know my desktop must still be there because I can barely see the legs, my paper cutter is doubling as a work area, and don't even get me started on what the floor looks like!  Where is that darned clean-up Scrapbook Fairy when you need her???

It is just way too easy to go from this:

(click to view larger image)

to this:

(click to view larger images)

Oh well.  I've read somewhere that a messy work area is a sign of a creative mind so I'm going with that.  The good news is that I actually got a couple personal projects completed last night and I'm off to a good start on a baby shower gift (which I really, really need to hustle on because the shower is this coming Saturday - yikes!).  May have to go to Plan B on that one and make a trip to Babies 'R Us instead.

More on how these projects turned out and some exciting news later!

Until next time... Happy Scrapping!

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