Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fiesta Layout

Well, it's taken a little while but I got my scrappin' mojo back and it feels really, really good!  I started a layout for an event I co-chaired a couple weeks ago at my friend Sylvia's house but unfortunately had not pulled it out to finish since leaving her house.  Just couldn't get back into it.  The svg files I was using from Designs on Cloud 9 were adorable and I totally had the PERFECT collection of BoBunny papers that just screamed 'Fiesta' to me, but I was like "eh, whatever".  Then yesterday, goodness only knows why, I seriously woke up and couldn't wait to pull that layout stuff out and finish it.

The first thing I did was turn on my Spa music to get those creative juices flowing.  Next I fired up my laptop and Sizzix Eclips to cut out several more svg files, then decided exactly which papers I was going to use, and started inking, assembling, gluing, and placing everything. Of course ME being ME, I placed, placed, and replaced everything about 87 times before FINALLY feeling like all the pieces were in their right spot.  You know that feeling, right?  It's when you suddenly feel your shoulders relax, you lean back in your chair with a proud little smile on your face, and you just sit there for like 20 minutes admiring your close to 18 hours of work while sipping a steaming hot cup of coffee.  Ahhhhhh....  and then you snap out of it and can't wait to get started on another layout project.  Woo Hoo!!!!!

So here it is -- It's all ready for some of my event pictures to be put on it.  I didn't have the photos on it when I snapped these pictures because I want to post the layout on the Designs on Cloud 9 Facebook page since I used their svg files and wasn't sure my table guests would want to have their picture out there in Facebookland.  Pretty sure none of them are in the witness protection program, but you never know LOL!.  Hope you like my layout as much as I do!!!

Here is the completed two-page layout.  

(click to view larger image)

I used the Fiesta Title and Cinco de Mayo files I purchased from Designs on Cloud 9 and here is a link to their website: 

Since the Fiesta Title had its own black shadow, I created black shadows in the eCAL program for all the other files so that they coordinated better with the title.  

Next you'll see just the first page.  I LOVE using brightly colored papers.  This BoBunny paper is from the Flower Child collection (which is now discontinued) but to me is more Fiesta-looking than Flower Child.  I purchased this paper at least three years ago and have hoarded it all this time LOL!

(click to view larger image)

Aren't these diecuts just adorable???  They all came together pretty easily and was fun to put my own little embellishing spin on them.  But there something hidden under that sombrero?  Holy Guacamole it's a journaling block!  Since I didn't leave any room to journal anything about this layout, such as my guests' names, I thought I'd try something different like turning the sombrero into a corner journaling block.  Took a couple tries, but it came out pretty clever even if I say so myself LOL! Gotta love the eCAL program!

(click to view larger image)

And now the second page...

(click to view larger image)

I especially love the banner and how it helped pull the whole layout together. The scalloped diecut with my name on it and the event name below it were part of an easel card that designated my table at the Spring Fiesta event.  All the table hostesses had one on their table and I thought using it added a colorful touch to my layout.  I actually made these for the event and the svg file (Half Scallop Easel Card) came from My Scrap Chick and you can find it here:

Now that this two page spread is completed, I'm anxious to do a couple more of the Spring Fiesta layouts to add to my event scrapbook.  Yep, it feels really, really good to have that scrappin' mojo back!  Until next time...

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